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Vaping words are often used interchangeably and devices can be referred to in various ways. We know that this can become a burden, especially if you are trying to find the best vape  to help you quit smoking. This guide will make everything simpler and help you pick and choose the best kind of vape tank for your own needs.

Let’s parse out real-world definitions from vape culture meanings. An atomizer is “a device for emitting water, perfume, or other liquids as a fine spray,” as stated in the dictionary. In vape terms, the word atomizer refers to any device or component where the e-liquid is vaporized. 5000 Puff Vape

Atomizers vs Clearomizers vs Cartomizers - Vaping360

Modern atomizers are built and operated in similar ways. What you need is a simple set of tools, wire or a pre-made coil, and wick (usually cotton.)

That’s it. The power you will need to fire your atomizer at depends on the specifications of your coils, so start low until you reach your desired vape. If you are using a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA), then keep dripping every time you sense it is getting dry. If you have a rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA), then fill up the tank and don’t let it get empty. On a rebuildable dripping tank atomizer (RDTA) you can do both.

Not all atomizers are built the same way and some are much easier to use than others. Some atomizers are designed for single coils, some for dual and some for triple or more. Some decks are easy to work with, while others might be more demanding.

Even wicking an atomizer might be more complicated than it sounds: wick channels might be too small or too large, wicks might need to be combed out to help with saturation and wick length may need to be carefully measured.

For these reasons, rebuildable atomizers are the most demanding vape tanks out there, but also the ones that can give the most tailor-made experience!

Clearomizers are the most popular and widely used devices for vaping. The word comes from the combination of “clear” and “atomizer.” They usually comprise of a glass or plastic clear tank, a replaceable coil which screws on the base of the tank, a chimney that connects the coil with the top cap, and a mouthpiece. The first popular clearomizers were the CE4 and CE5 by Aspire, who also produced some of the most popular modern clearomizers with the Nautilus line.

All vape tanks that take replaceable coils are clearomizers, although the term is nowadays mostly used for MTL tanks. They may come with a 510 connection that allows them to be used with a variety of vape mods, or as non-removeable parts of vape kits, usually in cylindrical form.

A clearomizer is very easy to use as long as you get the basics straight. The first step is to carefully prime your coil by dripping some e-liquid in it. Screw it inside the tank, assembly the rest of the parts, fill the tank with juice and let it sit for a while. This will allow the wick to get saturated properly. If your tank comes as a part of a kit without wattage adjustability, you may now start vaping!

If you are using a variable wattage device, start vaping from the lower recommended wattage and work your way up until you reach the vape you are satisfied with. If you start experiencing a dry vape, lower your wattage a little bit. Be careful not to exceed the recommended wattage you see written on the coil: this will most certainly lead to some nasty dry hits.

Clearomizers are not as easy to operate as cartomizers, but certainly easier than atomizers. Many people will start vaping on a clearomizer, as newer products will combine an excellent vape experience without the hassle of having to build your own coils. If you are using a carto and want to get a better vaping experience without having to mess with tools and wires, then clearomizers are the best way to go.

A cartomizer is a vaping device that attaches to the end of a battery. They are also commonly referred to as cigalikes or just e-cigarettes. The word comes from the merge of the words “cartridge” and “atomizer.” The cartomizer and battery together will usually resemble the size and shape of a cigarette, with the cartomizer being the filter. Most of the times, cartomizers are pre-filled and replaceable. The wicking material used in cartos is usually polyester fiberfill, commonly referred to as polyfill.

Cartomizers are the easiest to operate of the bunch. The fact that they usually come pre-filled makes vaping on them a simple two-part process: just screw the cartomizer on the battery and press the button while inhaling. Seriously, there is nothing else to do. When you start getting a reduced amount of vapor per puff, its more or less time to throw the carto away and buy a new one. Cartomizers will not drive your taste buds crazy, but they will deliver the nicotine you need while emulating the size, shape and draw of a cigarette.

If you want to combine ease of use with performance, then you should probably go for a clearomizer. A good sub ohm or MTL clearomizer will offer a high quality vape while at the same time let you replace your coils in a matter of seconds. Coils will cost you some money, but they are reasonably priced and you will generally replace them once every week or two anyway. Consider clearomizers as the golden mean of vape gear.

If you are after the best performance and willing to learn how to build and wick, then an atomizer sounds like your kind of vape gear. Atomizers are the best performers of the bunch and will generally give the best flavor out of all the other kinds of vape tanks. They will also cost less in the long term, as cotton and wire are usually very cheap to source. You will need to do some research and chances are you will not nail it on the first try, but practice makes perfect when it comes to building on an atomizer. Follow our instructions and watch some videos, chances are you will be building excellent coils in no time.

If all of that sounds too complicated to you, then by all means go for a cartomizer. You will not get the best performance when it comes to flavor and vapor production, but it will satisfy your nicotine cravings while emulating a cigarette. You can’t beat the ease of use of a cartomizer, simple as that. Just keep your battery charged and always have extra cartos available.

Atomizers vs Clearomizers vs Cartomizers - Vaping360

Beginner Friendly Electronic Cigarettes Remember that it doesn’t matter what kind of e-cig you will be using: the best vape is the one that works for you. Some people quit smoking with quad coil RDAs, while some will stay loyal to their cigalikes for years and years. Just do what you feel is best for you and stay smoke-free. That’s what matters most!